u.s.newswire: White Power Music Company Targets Schools with Hate CDs


In an effort to attract young people to the music and ideology of neo-Nazi bands, a hate music company with links to dangerous neo-Nazi and skinhead groups plans to distribute 100,000 "sampler CDs" at schools across the United States in the coming weeks. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which tracks the activities of extremists and reports its findings to law enforcement and the public, has been alerting school districts across the country to the planned CD distribution effort, dubbed "Operation Schoolyard USA" by its organizers.
Spearheaded by Panzerfaust Records, a neo-Nazi music label based in Newport, Minnesota, the distribution campaign will target schools with sampler CDs of songs by various white power bands whose music is filled with racist and anti-Semitic themes.

  • jugendschutz.net arbeitet mit der ADL im Rahmen des Rechtsextreme CD-Verteilaktion soll Jugendliche ködern