White off the scale

They're loud, proud and everywhere from East Germany to West Virginia. Neil Mackay spends six months getting to know the white supremacist practitioners of Nazi Hate Rock. Henrik Ostendorf is holed up in an attic room of a dilapidated hotel in a provincial town near Leipzig in the former East Germany. Riot police surround the floodlit building and attack dogs have closed off every exit. The hotel has been taken over by more than a thousand German neo-Nazis - 'musical terrorists' as they are classified by the German police - for the staging of an illegal gig. [...] Some white power websites list a 'Nazi Top Ten' - Viking is a regular chart-topper. Frequently appearing in the same hit parade is another racialist chanteuse called Saga - or the 'Swedish Madonna of the far right' as she's been nicknamed thanks to her stunning looks.