Holes Left in MySpace's Web Safety

In the spring of 2006, Shawn Little met a 14-year-old Bucks County, Pa., boy on, the self-styled "place for friends." Little, however, was no friend. He was a 25-year-old man trolling the Web for boys.[...]
Distressed by such incidents, 49 state attorneys general last month announced a safety agreement with MySpace [...] aimed at shielding children from strangers in cyberspace. In theory, most adults would be unable to view the sites of users younger than 18, or contact them online. But even the pact's backers, MySpace's security chief included, admit it would not keep a predator like Shawn Little from underage prey. That's because the safety barriers it prescribes depend largely on MySpace subscribers truthfully reporting their ages when creating online profiles. And it offers no reliable means of identifying or policing the suspected millions who do not.