dailytelegraph.com.au: Child sexual exploitation ring smashed


A CHILD sexual exploitation ring which sold horrific images to more than 30,000 customers via the internet has been smashed.
The 230 pay-per-view websites run out of Ukraine became the focus of the Virtual Global Taskforce - a co-operative of eight national law enforcement agencies which fight internet-based child abuse [...]

However, Mr Gaughan said criminals operating on the internet are becoming increasingly sophisticated. "I think most of these pay per view sites have gone - people know that it is too risky to run these types of sites because they can be so easily found out," Mr Gaughan said.

"And we are getting quite good at finding the footprints of peer-to-peer image traders. "However, trusted networks where a child abuser shares images of acts committed against children with known associates is a little more difficult [to track]."