dailymail.co.uk: Facebook cyberbullying - Schoolgirls arrested 'for creating fake page with naked pictures'


Two schoolgirls have been arrested after allegedly cyberbullying a classmate by creating a fake Facebook page for her then posting obscene pictures and comments on it. Taylor Wynn, 15, and McKenzie Barker, 16, are said to have doctored photographs of their victim so that she appeared naked in a series of degrading poses.
They also posted appalling comments on the profile such as: ‘As you may know, I am a huge whore. I love d*** so much.’

Detectives subpoenaed records from Facebook and the girls’ Internet service providers which traced it back to an IP address held in Wynn’s mother’s name, although she was immediately cleared of any suspicion. Following an investigation the two girls have now been charged with aggravated stalking of a minor under 16. [...]

When asked by her mother ‘what made her hate the victim so much that she would do something so mean,’ police said Wynn replied: ‘Because nobody liked her’. She added they made the fake Facebook page, which built up 189 friends across several schools, because ‘she thought it would be a funny joke’.