nydailynews.com: French kids' underwear line markets sexy bras for 4 year-olds


A kids clothing company has crossed the line from cute to seriously creepy. Jours Apres Lunes, a French line of lingerie for tiny tots to teens, is raising eyebrows over its depictions of little girls all dolled up in kiddie bras and underwear, reports Fashionista. The little girls who model the Fille collection aimed at 4-to12-year-olds, wear makeup and sunglasses, aping poses of models four and five times their age.

[...] Marilisa Racco, fashion writer and author of Le Snob Lingerie, said that the clothing itself wasn't the problem - it was the target age and the way the girls were photographed. "It's cute when a little girl dresses up in her mom's clothing and jewelry and high heels," she told the Daily News. "These pictures are not cute. It's entirely inappropriate to put a 4-year-old in a bouffant like she's Brigitte Bardot in "And God Created Woman."