Europe-wide principles to enhance online safety for children

Companies unite to launch the first industry-led Europe-wide principles to enhance online safety for children
Brussels, 19 January 2012.

The ICT Coalition for a Safer Internet for Children and Young People today announced its guiding principles for the development of products and services to actively enhance the safety of children and young people online.

25 companies from across the information and communications technology sector are signatories to the principles, which aim to ensure that children and young people obtain the greatest benefit from new technologies, while avoiding the challenges and risks which are of concern to people worldwide.

The Principles focus on the key areas of: content, parental controls, dealing with abuse/misuse, child sexual abuse content or illegal contact, privacy & control and education & awareness. Signatories pledge to:
-develop innovative ways of enhancing online safety and encouraging responsible use of the internet and internet access devices by children and young people;
-empower parents and carers to engage with and help protect their children;
-provide easily accessible, clear and transparent information about online safety and behaviour;
-raise awareness of how - and to whom - to report abuse and concerns.

More details about the ICT Principles and the actions to be taken by Signatories are available at