324 cases of online child pornography removed in 2011

The French Internet Service Providers Association (AFA) released its statistical report for 2011. The figures provided by the hotline show a stability of reports by Internet users in 2011. Only reports relating to offensive content accessible to minors1 and content identified as incitement to terrorism have increased by about 20%, while their proportion after qualification by the Point de Contact analysts has decreased compared to 2010.

80% of illegal content reported by the hotline to its partners was removed in 2011. Of the 7820 cases of offensive content reported by Internet users in 2011, 1966 were considered as illegal under French law by Point de Contact. Among these 1966 reports, 7202 were passed on to the Central Office for the Fight against Crime related to Information and Communication Technology (OCLCTIC). In parallel, 93 cases of illegal content located in France were notified to identified French hosting providers, whereas 290 were located in countries that are members of the INHOPE international network, and duly reported to the competent partner hotline.