Flyers and brochures

Flyers and brochures

All flyers, brochures and other materials of are available for download in German language. Unless otherwise mentioned, print versions can be ordered at Oberste Landesjugendbehörde, Landesmedienanstalt or klicksafe.

Laut. Stark. Online.

This flyer makes young people aware of how right-wing extremists manipulate 'news sites' and blogs to seduce them into hating foreigners. PDF

It is available at the EU initiative klicksafe.

Clever mit Apps

This interactive poster offers parents and teachers a playful way to teach children the important rules for using mobile phones and apps safely (PDF). Additionally, worksheets and handouts are offered to teachers.

All these materials are available at the Federal Ministry for Family.

Erlebniswelt Rechtsextremismus

This booklet created by and the North Rhine-Westphalia Ministry of the Interior examines the facets of a youth oriented multimedia world of experience and looks at ways of prevention.  It is available at the EU initiative klicksafe.

Gutes Aufwachsen mit Medien ermöglichen

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, published the agenda 'Gutes Aufwachsen mit Medien ermöglichen' i.e. 'Growing up well in a media world' discussing further improvements of the protection of minors on the internet. PDF

Achtung HINTERHALT! - Rechtsextreme manipulieren im Social Web mit Nachrichtenseiten

The handout 'Achtung Hinterhalt!' i.e. 'Watch out for traps! – Right-wing extremists use news sites to manipulate social media' provides information on how right-wing extremists use false reporting online to distort public opinion and stir up xenophobia and on how users can uncover these manipulations.

PDF (screen version)

PDF (print version)

Growing up well in a digital world - Children's rights

Young people shall benefit from digitalization. Parents and schools learn how to protect them in the digital space. In the SAFETY KIT: a creative cell phone made of paper informing about children's rights. And, an individual password key sticker for safe passwords and a webcam cover sticker.

The brochure is available at the Federal Ministry for Family.

Smartphone und Tablet sicher in Kinderhand

The leaflet provides tips for parents and teachers on how to quickly recognize good apps for children and behave safely when using mobile devices (download only). PDF

Webcam sticker TOP SECRET

The webcam sticker 'TOP SECRET' on PC, notebook, tablet or mobile phone shall help avoid being watching without noticing it and is available at the Federal Ministry for Family.

"App"gepasst – Sicherer Umgang mit Apps

Flyer containing information about the fascination and risk of apps and tips for young people and their parents. PDF

Sicher vernetzt in Communitys

Flyer with information about risks and safety measures for young users in communities like Facebook & Co. PDF

Wer ist Ana? Verherrlichung von Essstörungen

'Pro-Ana' and 'With-Ana' websites encourage young people suffering from an eating disorder to carry on with their life-threatening behavior. The flyer 'Wer ist Ana?' (PDF) provides help and information.

Gegen Verherrlichung von Essstörungen im Internet

The brochure offers information, help and tips to parents, experts and providers about 'eating disorders on the internet'. The brochure is available at the Federal Ministry for Family.

Combat of the Grey Areas of Child Sexual Exploitation on the Internet

The brochure addresses the grey areas of child sexual abuse on various levels. The focus is on depictions of children in sexually explicit poses and sexualized 'daily life' images (download only). PDF

Klickt's? Geh Nazis nicht ins Netz!

The brochure makes young people between 12 and 15 aware of right-wing extremist propaganda and shows ways to defend themselves against this influence. The brochure is available for download as PDF or in a print version at the Hessische Landeszentrale für politische Bildung.

Typical features of 'posing' and sexualized 'daily life' images

The two tables 'Typical Features of Manifestations of Posed Depictions' and 'Table of Criteria for Everyday Depictions in a Sexualising Context' clearly summarize the characteristics (download only). PDF