Political extremism


Political extremism

Extremists exploit the social web for spreading their dehumanizing ideas. Subtle anti-democratic and racist comments as well as incitement to hatred and violence. Whereas many platform operators quickly delete illegal content, subliminal right-wing extremist and Islamist propaganda calls for preventive measures. Here, it is also important to develop educational concepts to support internet users in taking a critical look and promote the courage of their convictions.

Please see up-to-date findings in the publications Right-wing Extremism on the Internet and Islamism on the Internet.

Right-wing extremism – subtle racism and open agitation

Right-wing extremists make use of YouTube videos, Facebook profiles and online events to lure young users. Fun and entertainment are combined with right-wing extremist messages.

Very often they design their content in a stylish way and make it appear rebellious. Some groups try to mask their extremist orientation behind innocuous sounding slogans in order to reach a broad audience. With false reasoning and manipulated images right-wing extremists pursue their objective of inciting hatred against a specific group of individuals.

At the same time, neo-Nazi groups openly disseminate inhuman agitation and call for violence against Jews, refugees, Muslims, Sinti, Roma and homosexuals.

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Islamism – pop culture propaganda and violent content

Islamists use elements of pop culture to target a young audience on the internet. They promote that not all people are equal, they denigrate the democratic state and incite to violence against 'unbelievers'.

When it comes to conveying Islamist messages, videos play an important role. Professionally designed clips with special visual effects and animation are tailored to specifically appeal to young people.

Numerous videos also show executions and victims of war. Islamists exploit these images to demonstrate their power or incite to hatred.

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Deprive extremists of the platform and make providers aware

jugendschutz.net directly contacts platform operators and asks them to delete extremist content. Whenever a German person is accountable for the content, jugendschutz.net forwards the case to the supervisory bodies.

At international level, jugendschutz.net collaborates with partners in the International Network Against Cyber Hate (INACH) to make operators aware of extremist content on their platforms and join efforts to combat it.

Promote reflection and critical thinking

jugendschutz.net provides information to the interested public and experts about political extremism on the internet on the website Hass im Netz i.e. hate online.

Additionally, jugendschutz.net has developed concepts and guidelines on how to critically look at inhuman and anti-democratic propaganda, e.g. Klickt's? Geh Nazis nicht ins Netz i.e. Clicked? Don't get trapped by Nazis (Summary).