Sexual exploitation

Child sexual exploitation on the internet

Depictions of child sexual abuse on the internet is an ongoing problem. The internet makes it easy to access the content, serves as a meeting point for paedosexuals and allows them to get in contact with minors. Child sexual abuse images are banned worldwide and deleted quickly. However, images and videos in the 'grey area' are easy to find. They are the breeding grounds for sexual violence and also detrimental to the personal rights of children. We need a comprehensive concept to combat all forms of child sexual abuse.

Depictions of sexual abuse

The continuing proliferation of child sexual abuse images is hard to prevent. The number of reports are increasing worldwide.

Depictions of sexual abuse can make the children victims for a lifetime. Every single access to the content violates the rights of the depicted child once again.

Commercialization of children as sex objects

Depictions of minors in sexually explicit poses and everyday images of children with sexual comments are only banned in few countries. However, they perpetuate the sexual abuse of the victims and break the taboo of sexual offences against children. looks closely at the services disseminating child sexual abuse material and conducts research on ways to restrict this.

International strategy on the protection of minors

In Germany, collaborates with the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), the hotlines eco and FSM and the Federal Review Board for Media Harmful to Minors (BPjM) when it comes to child sexual abuse. All stakeholders have signed an agreement defining the handling and evaluation of the cases; the Federal Government reports to the Parliament once a year. closely cooperates with hotlines from more than 40 countries in the INHOPE network to remove the stage for child sexual exploitation on the internet also at international level and achieve removal of illegal content.

In order to make it more difficult to find sexualized depictions, the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) founded the network No Grey Areas on the Internet. Here, closely looks at the grey areas of child sexual abuse, develops counter-strategies and provides support to the participating organizations for taking action.