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Annual Report 2016

Hatred, violence and abuse online: is more and more successful in achieving removal Annual report 2016 on risks for minors on the internet

(June 30, 2017) Close-ups of beheadings, hateful memes, and defamatory videos: On the internet, children and young people face brutal and humiliating content that quickly goes viral in the social web and reaches a wide audience. In 2016, achieved quick removal of illegal content in two thirds of all registered cases. In order to enable young users to explore the digital world free of troubles breaking the circle of 'liking' and 'sharing' harmful content plays a crucial role. This is one of the results of's latest annual report.


The number of assessed internet sites quadrupled evaluated 121,908 internet sites for violations of youth protection laws in 2016 (2015: 30,685). Systematic platform monitoring checking popular social web services for hate speech and violence is the main reason for this fourfold increase compared to the previous years. In terms of monitoring German internet sites and greater units of assessment (e.g. websites, profiles) the numbers remained stable; checking platforms hosted abroad and smaller units of assessment (e.g. hate comments, violent videos) specifically caused this increase.


Majority of illegal content in US social web services recorded 6,011 violations of youth protection laws in 2016. Only 15 % (902) of these were hosted on German servers (2015: 18 %). Half of these violations were reported to via reports from internet users (46 %). The majority of illegal content (69 %) was recorded in social web services hosted in the USA, specifically on the platforms of the big players Facebook (23 %), YouTube (14 %) and Twitter (10 %).


Focus of illegal content on political extremism

In terms of all the illegal cases recorded, political extremism dominated for the first time (38 %; 2015: 15 %). 13 % concerned depictions of child sexual exploitation (2015: 19 %), 21 % contained pornographic (2015: 26 %) and 16 % harmful content (2015: 20 %). recorded content endangering the development of young people in 6 % of all cases.


Illegal content in Germany and abroad removed in two of three cases

In 2016, achieved quick removal of illegal content in two thirds of all cases (66 %) (2015: 51 %). In Germany, the success rate of's action taken was at 74 %; abroad it was at 64 % meaning that the success rate concerning illegal content hosted abroad could be improved considerably (2015: 41 %).


Successful action against child sexual exploitation

The strategy to call in law enforcement, INHOPE partners and providers to remove depictions of child sexual exploitation has also worked well in 2016:  In Germany, this lead to success in 100 % of all cases, abroad in 85 %.


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Annual report 2016 

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