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Annual Report 2017

Improve the protection of children and young people on the internet

(13.09.18) Children and young people face sexual harassment and verbal abuse in social web services every day – and they need better protection. This is one of the findings in's latest annual report.


80 % of all illegal content quickly removed checked 102,423 internet destinations in 2017. Around three-fifth of the offences (58 %) recorded were found on social networks hosted in the USA, mostly on the major platforms Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Quick removal of illegal content could be achieved in 80 % of all cases, however, platform operators do not put enough effort into preventive actions.


Successfully combating child sexual exploitation

In 2017, recorded 2,982 depictions of child sexual abuse, four times as many as last year. In 86 % of the cases (2,550) the content was disseminated via servers abroad, mainly from the USA (33 %), the Netherlands (24 %) and Russia (22 %). In Germany, achieved removal of the content in all cases. Abroad, the success rate was at 91 %.


Global platforms and mobile services are predominant

All young people and more and more children are always online, have their own smartphones and preferably use apps of global players like Facebook, Google and Twitter. Not one single German app ranks among the most popular ones.


Stepping up monitoring to identify risks systemized its monitoring activities in 2017 and continuously assessed typical risks for children and young people and the platform operators' precautions. Here, the focus was on hate speech, sexual harassment and exploitation, cyberbullying as well as self-harm behavior. Additionally, took a close look at apps and technical assistance systems spying on young users and collecting sensitive data.


Assessing the suitability of Artificial Intelligence in terms of youth protection

Traditional technical youth protection tools are lagging behind. assessed freely available Artificial Intelligence to see how AI can be implemented to meet today's challenges of youth protection.


Further development of media educational teaching materials developed tips and support for parents and teachers. The brochure "Gutes Aufwachsen mit Medien" i.e. "Growing up well in a Media World" was completely revised with a focus on "Digitales Kinderzimmer" i.e. "Digital Kids' Room". Experts provide guidelines for a safe use of smart toys and for online risks. Additionally, the brochure includes new practical tips with information about political extremism on the internet.




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