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Brochure for parents Gutes Aufwachsen mit Medien – Digitales Kinderzimmer

Experts and parents provide tips on smart toy safety and online risks. With a colorful paper cell phone, a paper 'laptop' with information and a password key sticker.

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Report Prevention and speedy action

Children and young people come across brutal and humiliating depictions online which quickly go viral in social web services and reach a wide audience. In 2016, jugendschutz.net checked 120,000 internet sites for violations of youth protection laws and took successful action resulting in removal of illegal content in two thirds of all cases.

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Extremism Islamism on the Internet

Web content tying in with the lifeworld of young people, inspirations borrowed from computer games, propaganda films looking like Hollywood productions: This is how Islamists lure young people and try to win them over for their ideology.

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Extremism Right-wing extremism online

Right-wing extremists use social media to specifically address young people. With fictional or fake news they stir up hatred against refugees, Muslims and other groups.

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