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Report Young people safe in social media services?

Children and young people are often defenseless and unable to escape cyberbullying, hate speech and violence in social media services. This is what jugendschutz.net's latest report reveals.

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Report Improve the protection of children and young people on the internet

In 2017, jugendschutz.net checked more than 100,000 internet destinations for violations of youth protection laws and recorded 7,513 cases of illegal content. Please click Annual Report for more information.

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Extremism Right-wing extremism online

From openly cruel to subtle: In order to win over young people, right-wing extremists exploit all popular social media platforms to also spread their propaganda on the internet and create a 'world of experience'.

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Brochure for parents Gutes Aufwachsen mit Medien – Smart Home

Experts provide tips for a safe use of smart devices. With a colorful paper cell phone, a paper laptop with information and a password key sticker.

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Video INACH film against Hate Speech

Moni the Cat was loving the internet, but suddenly she found hate.

To see the film by the International Network Against Cyber Hate (INACH) go to: hass-im-netz.info

Extremism Islamism on the Internet

From GIFs and Emojis attracting young users up to apps especially for kids: This is how Islamists use services and functions specifically popular among young people and children in order to spread their ideologies tailored to their target audience.

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