Reports and other materials

Reports and other materials publishes annual reports providing information about present dangers and risks for children and young people and what has to be done. also gathers all findings in information materials for young users, parents and educational experts in and out of school.

Annual report 'Youth Protection on the Internet' publishes all research and results in annual reports.

See annual reports Youth Protection on the Internet.

Publications 'Extremismus online' has published two booklets on right-wing extremism and Islamism on the internet.

Read more Network of Hatred and Islamism on the Internet.

Materials: Educational support on media literacy

Media literacy is key to an overall strategy for the protection of children and young people on the internet. reports about research findings and provides information about risks and chances of the internet and practical help.


See Flyers and brochures.

Other websites of operates additional websites on specific topics: informs about political extremism on the internet. informs about risks in communication services and provides tips for behaving safely online. recommends good websites and apps for kids; free service to subscribe to weekly 'Klick-Tipps'. provides practical knowledge for parents and experts on how to protect children online. provides safe access to the internet for kids.