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Protection of Minors on the Internet. Annual Report 2018.

Too little protection for children and young people online

(August 30, 2019) In 2018, identified many depictions of sexual violence against minors on social media. Furthermore, young people are also still at risk through 'legal highs' and content glorifying self-harm behavior. Associated content has a continuously high prevalence online.

Extremist propaganda online has moved to a new level: Islamists exploited social debates to lure young people into taking up radical attitudes and engaging in radical actions. Right-wing extremists used racist campaigns and fake news to win over young users on social media.

Many apps and online games specifically for children and young people are lacking effective protection mechanisms. The risk of cyberbullying, harassment and inappropriate advertising is still high. Children are even commercialized as YouTube stars which is a violation of their personality rights.

Direct contact with providers: 81 % of all infringements removed

In 2018, recorded 6,575 infringements. When taking into account only those on social media, the five major US companies YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter ac-counted for 80 % of all cases.

Depictions of sexual violence against children made up 53 % of the infringements recorded. The number of cases related to right-wing extremism and Islamism (16 %) reflects the continuing significance of hate content online.

In 634 cases, a German person responsible for the content could be identified, and in 502 cases providers quickly removed the content in question after being put on notice. achieved removal of infringing content in 4,825 of 5,941 cases hosted abroad. This makes up for a total removal rate of 81 % following all’s actions.


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Annual report 2018


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