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Report Young people at increased risk of harms on the internet

More and more, children and young people are encouraged to dangerous online dare games. Many of the challenges are considered as ‘hip’ and fun; however, they can also be very dangerous and cause serious injuries.

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Extremism Right-wing extremists try to attract young people online

Hate music, popular memes, terror propaganda: Right-wing extremists use all means on social media to win over young people to their ideas.

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Report 2019 Children on the Internet

Report Children on the Internet

There are various risks that children face when they go online: violations of their personal rights, disturbing content, cost traps, fraudulent use of their data, sexual harassment, cyber bullying.

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Reort Sexualized violence online

Report Sexualized violence online

Sexualized violence does not only begin when criminal offences have been committed. Children and young pople are exposed to a multitude of sexual assaults online.

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Extremism Islamists use social media to lure children and teenagers

Borrowing elements from pop culture, following current debates: Islamist groups lure in young people with subtle hate messages and well targeted calls.

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Brochure for parents Growing up well in a digital world: Children's rights on the internet

Tips from experts on how young people can pursue their rights safely online. With a SAFETY KIT: a creative cell phone made of paper, a webcam and password key sticker.

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Video INACH film against Hate Speech

Moni the Cat was loving the internet, but suddenly she found hate.

To see the film by the International Network Against Cyber Hate (INACH) go to: hass-im-netz.info

Report Young people safe in social media services?

Children and young people are often defenseless and unable to escape cyberbullying, hate speech and violence in social media services. This is what jugendschutz.net's latest report reveals.

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